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The Sphere's Floating Newsletter #13 - "The Journey of Intellectual Capital to Intellectual Property" (March 7, 2021)


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Newsletter #13 discusses the transformation from intellectual capital to intellectual property, questioning the efficacy and motivations behind IP systems. It challenges the notion that IP protection is a primary driver for creation and suggests looking to non-traditional fields for innovative models of knowledge and skill sharing.

By Rafael Pereira (Earth), Laura Lotti (Sun), Olle Saloranta Strandberg (Wind).


The Sphere's Anarchive is a dynamic, participatory open canvas where its community's memories and creativity are continuously reimagined. It challenges traditional archiving methods, creating a fluid narrative through artistic collaboration.

The Anarchiving Game is a shared contract deployed on Zora's mainnet that records The Sphere's evolution, capturing its journey and milestones. This initiative enables collaborators to mint, share, and collect digital objects at minimal costs, promoting open access and diversity in the field of live arts.

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