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The Sphere's Floating Newsletter #12 - "If You Wanna Play, Prepare to Be Played" (February 21, 2021)


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Newsletter #12 explores the intersection of finance, art, and the complexities of collaboration, inspired by personal narratives and the GameStop stock event. It reflects on trust and the future of art in digital spaces.

By Laura Lotti (Earth), Erik Bordeleau (Sun), Rafael Pefeira (Wind).


The Sphere's Anarchive is a dynamic, participatory open canvas where its community's memories and creativity are continuously reimagined. It challenges traditional archiving methods, creating a fluid narrative through artistic collaboration.

The Anarchiving Game is a shared contract deployed on Zora's mainnet that records The Sphere's evolution, capturing its journey and milestones. This initiative enables collaborators to mint, share, and collect digital objects at minimal costs, promoting open access and diversity in the field of live arts.

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